Physical activity plays a central role in keeping us healthy, so it is very important to be physically active on a regular basis.


Benefits of being physically active:

  • It keeps your heart healthy. People who lead sedentary way of life are at an increased risk of suffering from heart disease and heart stroke.
  • It reduces the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.
  • It contributes to healthy growth and development in childhood.
  • It reduces the risk of osteoporosis (disease where decreased bone strength leads to broken bones). This condition usually affects older adults, that is why it is highly important to exercise throughout your lifetime.
  • It maintains your joints' and muscles' health.
  • It helps you to maintain a healthy weight.
  • It reduces the risk of certain cancers, including breast and colon cancer.
  • It helps you to cope with stress, reduce anxiety and symptoms of depression!


To improve health, it is recommended to have this amount of physical activity (according to the UK Chief Medical Officer and Department of health):

  • under-fives – 180 minutes each day once a child is able to walk
  • children and young people (5 to 18 years old) – 60 minutes and up to several hours every day. Should include vigorous activity that strengthens muscles and bones
  • adults(19 to 64 years olds) and older people (65+) – 150 minutes each week of moderate to vigorous intensity physical activity. Muscle strengthening activity should also be included at least twice a week.

But if you want to lose weight as well, you need to increase your physical activity.

* You should perform physical activity only if you do not have any medical contra-indications.

Anastasia P., Sources: UK Department of Health, YMCAfit